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The perfect storage for grain and silage


Profit from a simple and flexible feed storage


  1. Powerful solution for consistently high forrage quality
  2. Strong performance and a proven durability
  3. UV-stabilized for a period of 18 months
  4. For best performance each tube is made of 100% virgin LDPE
  5. Easy handling
  6. Stretch strip for an optimal filling result


Easy handling

Easy handling

The three-ply silotubes Hytibag® are characterized by a high storage capacity and its easy handling

Time saving

Time saving

Your harvest will be safe in a short time with the optimal Hytibag® tubes

Without complication

Without complication

Ensile grain, silage or hot industrial wet products without complication

Product Range


10‘,11‘ and 14‘ are also part of our product portfolio. Special dimensions are available on request.


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